Aaron Spencer – Do It All Again

Prolific writer, Aaron Spencer, has just released his latest single, Do It All Again, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

We love the honesty of this track. It was the first we’d heard of Aaron Spencer, but off the back of this great track, we’ll definitely be keeping an ear to the ground for him.

There’s something really special about a vocalist with a strong regional accent. It’s so rare. From a vocalist’s point of view, singing with a slightly American accent is not only easier (because of their vowel pronunciation compared to English) but also seems to be almost expected. Not for Aaron Spencer. Spencer has remained totally true to his Cumbrian roots. His regional accent is an absolute delight, and in the case of Do It All Again, it totally fits the story of the song.

Like all good songwriters, Spencer’s songs draw influence from his own experiences; working-class tales of drunken nights out, glad-it-happened heartbreaks and social commentary. Do It All Again is essentially a tale of wishing back adolescence and “Doing It All Again”.

The song fades in, a nice touch, and has a great britpop/indie rock feel to it. There’s some really superb rise and fall throughout this track and a super-catchy chorus with some well placed layered vocals.

As well as his endearing regional accent, Spencer’s vocals are warm and clear. They fit perfectly in the mix. They’re easy to hear without being dominating.

A great half time feel to certain sections helps to keep the listener intrigued, before building back into that super-catchy chorus again. This really is some great work.

Kudos to the drummer for some rather awesome fills on Do It All Again, this song is reminiscent in places of the likes of Pulp and gives a great next step to Spencer’s career.

We are very impressed at the mix/master of this track, and we’re pretty hard to please! The only suggestion we can make is to perhaps consider high passing the bass guitar at around 80Hz. This will help to give just a touch more separation between the bass and the kick drum.

Aaron Spencer began his solo career during 2020. Refusing to let the pandemic affect his drive and passion for music, he has been writing prolifically since then. Now that things are starting to open up, Aaron has launched himself into booking live shows and from the interest he’s getting, we have no doubt that this ambitious young Cumbrian will go far. We’re very excited to hear what he produces next and wish him all the very best with his career.