Houston (US) artist, Abandon The Fall (featuring Dayshell), has just released their latest single, Devours You. We’ve been taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio and we simply can’t get enough of it.

Devours You is melodic metal/hard rock /heavy metal at its very best. The moment this track started, we all sat back in our seats and said “oh yeah”. Seriously… in unison!!

This is one hell of a powerful track. With a vulnerable subject matter but an empowering performance, Abandon The Fall give the performance of a lifetime here. Devours You is a back and forth conversation with someone on a dark path. It is a desperate plea to the person on the path who simply isn’t committed to changing for the better and the vocalist knows that there’s nothing they can do without being consumed as well.

Devour You has some fantastic rise and fall moments, with some great use of different sections to break up the sound and keep the listener interested. The sections of just guitar before powering back in with the full band sound and belting vocals are positively inspired.

Speaking of those vocals… wow! There’s some absolutely world class techniques displayed by this vocalist. The screamo/metallic/belt techniques used here are clearly well rehearsed with some obvious knowledge about how to perform these without injury. There are definite Rage Against The Machine moments here. The layered vocals are a nice touch and add some extra class and interest to the track. The occasional clearly tuned vocals add a slightly Daft Punk feel in places and ensure that this track is very much given a current feel.

This is an impassioned performance from all involved. Particular kudos goes to the drums, and the tracking of the drums. The drums are really punch and powerful and bright in the mix. The reverb on the snare is gorgeous and the stereo in the drum track is just wonderful. To us, the drums really take this track to the next level.

From a production perspective, a large boost around 200-250Hz would add to the punch and fullness of the low end of the track and bring out the depth of those amazing drums. A small cut around 800Hz to level out some tones in the vocal track. A boost in the range of around 3.5-4kHz for some extra definition and brightness. Finally a shelf boost from around 8-9kHz for a little extra ‘zing’.

Devours You is a superb example of the genre and Abandon The Fall is definitely an artist to look out for. With sublime vocals and great musicianship from all concerned, this is an artist we recommend to lovers of artists such as KoRn, Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against The Machine.

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