About Us

Music Lovers

If it's played on real instruments, and has a great hook... we want to hear it!

Our team

Although a relatively new venture, the team behind Send Me Your Ears are industry veterans.

  • Mix/master engineer with 25 years industry experience
  • two life long multi-instrumentalists
  • a qualified and experienced vocal coach
  • a lyricist
  • a composer
  • a writer.

Here at Send Me Your Ears, we love great music and we want to share it with you


We’re big listeners of great rock music , folk music, prog and everything in between. We like to share new music with our readers as well as our opinions of more established artists. 
If you’ve auto-tuned your voice or the production is mostly electronic, its pretty likely you’re not our bag. It’s also possible that if you only play three chord songs and sing about trucks we may just switch off. However, we do love music that tells a great story, that’s played well, structured well and has some interest all the way through.

Our process

When we select songs for review we make sure that we give a thorough listen. We don’t review songs outside of our team’s genre interests and knowledge base. We’d be doing you a disservice if we did.
When we review a song we sit together and make some first impression notes. Who does it sound like? (if anyone) What grabs us? What’s the instrumentation like? What’s the quality of the vocals? Does the song develop? Is it radio friendly (length, language, interest, production)?
After this, we listen to the song on several different systems and do a detailed audio analysis and discuss the quality of the production overall.
Then, our writer collects all of our notes and puts them together into a 200-500 word blog post which also gets shared on our twitter page.


We’re looking to help the next level of up and coming musicians. Maybe that’s you?