Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Abz Winter. Wasted Energy was released on June 26th, 2023, and Rugby (UK) Artist Abz Winter is on a rock/pop mission to have her music heard!

20-year-old Abz says that the song is about her struggles as a young woman, and about not being entirely sure what she’s looking for in a relationship – or even if she wants one!
Abz admits to her own flaws and imperfections. To quote her lyrics, ‘young and dumb and so naive’ when it comes to relationships and life in general. At twenty years old, to have it all figured out that you haven’t got it all figured out is quite an achievement in itself!

Wasted Energy is a modern-sounding pop/rock anthem that would sit well alongside the likes of Katy Perry or The Beaches. The chorus is huge and reminded us of the anthemic girl-power choruses of Perry’s, Roar.

There is a youthful energy and exuberance to this track that makes it feel perfect for the dance floor – a summer anthem for the clubs, perhaps.

We love the changes in use of reverbs and delays on Winter’s vocals, giving rise to some thoroughly exciting catch-and-release-type stops before and after the huge chorus. The chorus is heavily laden with synth grunge sounds and in-your-face optimism.

The track drops back down again for that all-important second verse, but maintains the listener’s interest by adding in some harmonies and delays. This is a highly commercial track from an artist who is clearly pushing her career forward with monumental passion and desire.

Ideas from our ears.

During the quieter parts where the vocal is very close and exposed, a cut around 200-230Hz would reduce some occasional ‘muddy’ tones. In the thicker, rockier sections, some more instrumentation in the 100-300Hz range would add some thickness and warmth, making it sound fuller and more balanced. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Abz Winter is just getting started on a career which has all the right markers for longevity. A superb voice, a modern sound and a drive to succeed. We look forward to hearing more from this fresh British newcomer.