Alas De Liona has just released her latest single, Spirals, and we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking a few listens today.

Hailing originally from a small town in the Mojave Desert, Liona has been performing in both her native, California, as well as making a name for herself in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Spirals grabs your attention immediately with some warm pads and synth sounds. Liona’s voice comes in in the track almost immediately and the moment you hear her, you know that you’re going to get lost in this song.

Liona’s voice is captivating. There’s a charming fragility to it, together with some superb head voice moments. Her voice is breathy and intimate and you truly want to hear as much of it as you can. The addition of vocal harmonies only serves to make Liona’s voice even more spine-chillingly beautiful.

There is a real “cathedral” like reverb on the vocals, adding to the chilled-out feeling of the track. Spirals has an almost Pink Floyd-esque soundscape to it, with lots of interesting effects coming and going throughout the track. The stereo effect at the end of the solo which moves from left to right is particularly inspiring.

For the first 45 seconds or so, you are treated to a vocal which stands alone without any need for extra instrumentation. After this, the full band comes in, but it is still a fairly sparse arrangement, with drums bass and just the occasional one-strum-per-bar guitar.

The rise and fall in the track is subtle but enough. There is a moment where it looks like there’s going to be a guitar solo, but it’s just a teaser before returning to those sumptuous vocals again. Later on in the track, your patience pays off, and a distant-sounding fuzz guitar solo fills your ears. We were reminded at this point of Portishead.

Spirals has a real chillout/study vibe feel to it. A song that you could put on at the end of a hard day and soak in a bubble bath!

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a wide boost across the high mids and highs centred around 6kHz would add to the brightness in the track and increase certain aspects of the drum track, bringing it forward a little.

Alas De Liona has a voice that could melt the harshest of hearts. A new artist to us today at the Send Me Your Ears studio, but one we will be most definitely keeping our ears to the ground for.