If you’re looking for a mind-bendingly impressive display of genre crossing, look no further than ALEKSANDRA DENDA / SHILPA ANANTH’s new single, I Dwell.
This is one of the most impressive East-meets-West tracks I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Taking notes from Indian scales on the vocal track, and mixing in decidedly Eastern sounding instruments, I Dwell somehow manages to also include some very Western sounding elements without the listener barely even realising.

I Dwell is immediately attention grabbing and just one of the most unique tracks I’ve come across in a long time. Every artist wants to tell you that they’re unique so to find one that has effortlessly melded so many different influences is an absolute delight.

This track is euphoric and cinematic and just sweeps you along. Close your eyes and let it wash over you! I Dwell develops throughout and just when you think you’re getting the hang of it, there is a most spectacular drum section at around 3 minutes in that just builds and builds into an almost jungle cry, reminding me of Roger Hodgson’s lengthy anthem, Death And A Zoo.

The production on this track is faultless, as you would expect from an Oscar nominated producer. I detected a slightly dominant frequency in the vocal around 700-800Hz but perhaps this was intentional.

A wonderful female empowerment track; I can strongly imagine this style of music working well in a Disney film or similar. This was a rare find that we here at Send Me Your Ears thoroughly enjoyed. We hope to hear much more from this New York City/ Dubai duo.

We give this song four ears out of five.