ALEX – How Can You Be Gone?

Fans of Andrew Lloyd Webber; stop whatever you’re doing right now and go and listen to Alex (Twitter name @AlexsandraBossi). Her latest single, How Can You Be Gone is due for release on March 4 and I actually burst into tears listening to this. What an absolute masterpiece. Go follow Alex on Soundcloud so that you can hear this as soon as possible.

This is not a song for the faint hearted. It tells of the loss of a friend after a long battle with cancer. The recurring line “How Can You Be Gone” just tuned me into a total mess.

All of us here at Send Me Your Ears were speechless by the end of this song. We’d totally forgotten that we were supposed to be reviewing the song and had just got so swept up in the moment that we had to take several more listens and keep reminding ourselves why we were here. That, in turn, made my eyes moisten further.

It reminded me in so many ways of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s style. Perhaps “I dont know how to love him” from Jesus Christ Superstar or Memory from Cats. This is front of the stage, silent pindrop audience stuff. And I cannot praise it highly enough.

I love the dynamics with the strings that come in gently as the song develops in the second verse. The progression, the rise and fall throughout the song. This song made my day.

For me, the most stunning part, (aside from the tear jerking lyrics, the gentle piano and the strings!) was the vocals.

Photo credits please: Allan E. Levine Photography

Alex is utterly world class. And I don’t say that lightly. Outstandingly impressive dynamics in her vocals from breathy intimacy to Eva Cassidy Wayfaring Stranger style belting. Some great use of twang in just a few select places also brought to mind Etta James. The long gentle note at 1.50 shows just how versatile this vocalist is.

If I had to critique the production I’d raise the low end (especially the low mid) of the EQ to bring out the warmth in the piano and give a little boost at the top to add a little extra presence to the vocals.

Without doubt, our highest accolade of 5 ears out of 5. We cannot wait to hear more