Alex Julia – Like The Sun

This is a pleasant country rock track. I like the rise and fall throughout the song.

Alex Julia is a strong vocalist and has plenty of character, although I’d have liked to see a little more of her range to keep the interest throughout. Her vocals felt a little Meredith Brooks/Faith Hill in places which is no bad thing!
I like the incidental guitar work, very classy and very much in keeping with the genre. They’re subtle and not overpowering and add nicely to the overall sound.
This isn’t a song which you have to stop what you’re doing and listen to – it’s not leaping out at me as something new and unique… however… it’s most definitely a song I could see on a “driving across the country” playlist! I’m imagining driving down country roads with corn fields either side!
It’s generally pretty well mixed although my advice would be that the drums could use some work (they feel too dominant and dry in places) and on occasion, the vocals just get a little lost. Great work Alex. Keep it up.

I’m giving this track 3 ears out of 5