Alexis Gerred(featuring Mig Ayesa) – UNBREAKABLE

It’s not often that we hear an artist that’s new to us and are utterly bowled over. The new single, Unbreakable, from Alexis Gerred featuring Mig Ayesa ticks every single box for us.

We knew when we read the biography that this was going to be impressive, but even Gerred’s credentials didn’t prepare us for the onslaught of quality positive rock that we’ve just witnessed.

Alexis Gerred is a man on the right path. He’s scored several leading roles in London’s West End and has even taken runner up place on a BBC talent show. Everything about this song just oozes class and talent. Stop what you’re doing and listen to Unbreakable – out now.

Unbreakable grabs your attention from the very first second, and maintains it for a mesmerising 3 1/2 minutes of radio friendly rock. We just love it here at Send Me Your Ears.
Vocally comparable to some big names; Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler, Gerred is a vocalist of pure class. Gerred has some real power and attitude in his vocals. This isn’t just singing the notes – this is a captivating performance and a display of energy that is rare in a studio recording. We can’t even begin to imagine just how much this guy shines in a live situation.

The whole song has a kind of 90s Aerosmith feel to it, with occasions where the lead vocals have some touches of Steven Tyler. There’s definitely some Red Hot Chilli Peppers influence here too. We like the changes in vocal effects and the two different vocals that just explode in your ears!
This is an extremely catchy song that we hit repeat on the moment it finished. Several times!
There’s some really subtle brass in places in the song that help give it that authentic 90s rock feel, together with the drums being well mixed and sit well without being dominant.
The guitar soloing is absolutely virtuoso and had moments of Steve Vai/ Van Halen. Beautiful tone and expert selection of notes.
Unbreakable has lots of exciting and contrasting rhythms throughout and some superb panning choices that all help to hold the track together.
With a stinger ending, this song goes out with a bang leaving you wanting more. We’ll be looking forward to the full album that is due out later this year.
Its rare for a song to impress us this much, and we usually have a few comments on production at the very least. Not in this case. This is five out of five stars in every department.
Alexis Gerred is someone we will be following closely. We are in no doubt that with the right promotion campaign behind him, Gerred has everything needed to become a household name. Fantastic stuff!