ALI GILBERT – Run By The River

If you’re looking for a lesson in interesting indie folk that doesn’t quite do what you expect, look no further than Ali Gilbert’s latest release, Run By The River.

This gripped me right from the start with a subtle lo fi intro that developed into a full band song.

I was particularly drawn in by the unusual structure. There are times when the song just builds and builds and you expect something to come back in and right in your face but no, you’re swept away by a beautiful repeated harmony vocal section with very gentle backing guitar. What an innovative idea that put me off balance and made me excited to listen to the end to see what else would happen!

When the drums come in they’re just galloping. Literally galloping! They bring a sense of urgency to the track (I loved the side stick too) and really feels as though the vocalist is searching far and wide for a sense of forgiveness.

Written about a fictional character seeking redemption for his sins, Ali nonetheless manages to convey great passion in his delivery.

Production-wise; very well done. My own personal taste would suggest a top end shelf on the EQ to bring out shaker and give the overall track a little more air/life/presence.

I’d also suggest a small mid scoop of the vocals (around 600Hz) just to take out a few slightly nasal qualities in the vocals. But I’m being picky.

This is a well written, well performed and well produced and very commercial singer-songwriter track that has all the qualities of a big hit on the folk scene. We wish Ali well and thank you for allowing us a listen.

We give this track 4 ears out of 5