Oh Yes! This is just the kind of retro jazzy Beatles-esque music to put the listener in a fantastic mood! This is a positive, feel good, summer track that harks back to the good old days. I can almost hear birds tweeting in it (a la “Blackbird”)!

The vocals are beautiful, charming and pleasant sound with spot on pitch and a real smile behind them. I am always reminded of Karen Carpenter when I hear a vocalist who is so obviously smiling when they’re singing. Allan – you are the male equivalent in my heart!
The lyrics are catchy, despite feeling initially that they’re going to be too repetitive and I found myself singing this round the kitchen hours after I’d been listening to it.

This is a suitably short, radio friendly track that oozes confidence and flair. Allan mentions in his biography that he’s been taking finger picking guitar lessons – they’re working! The incidental riffs were beautifully placed and sat well without being dominant.

The song is well crafted, well performed and well sung. The only thing that I feel lets this song down is the production. A poor balance of frequencies has led to taking some of the life out of a song that has great promise. Messing with it myself, I’ve made some huge EQ adjustments to bring it to life and would be more than happy to listen to this song on repeat if it were to be remastered.

All in all, a feel good, enjoyable listen from someone who clearly has great passion for his music and has much more to give to the world.

We give this track 4 ears out of 5