LA artist, Allee has teamed up with Guitarist Liv Slingerland to put out her latest single, Boots, and we’ve been taking a few very enjoyable listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Boots is written by Allee + Pom Poms, and focuses on a heavy obsession with shopping and, in their words, a “sizeable obsession with boots”. The song is a song of vanity, self obsession and spoiling yourself rotten!

Boots is a very modern take on pop/rock, and is an extremely commercial track. Sounding a little in places like Toronto band, The Beaches, but with a little more diversity, this rocking guitar led track is one which has all the potential to succeed in today’s competitive market. Boots is a perfect length song for commercial radio, it has a catchy chorus, powerful female vocals and a rocky guitar solo to die for. It ticks all the boxes.

With a beautifully thick sounding kick drum and interesting synth sounds and sound effects, the verses are sparsely instrumented, leaving plenty of room for the vocals to shine. When the chorus comes in, the vocals are layered, the electric guitar powers in and the song really comes alive.

There’s some fantastic note and tone choices in the guitar solo, expertly played by Liv Slingerland.

This song was part of an NFT project to have a direct relationship with fans and include potential listeners in the process of
creation. Link here;

From a production perspective, a small cut in the mids centred around 1kHz with an additional cut focussed around 850Hz would balance out some honky / nasal tones in the track as a whole. A small wide boost across the high mids centred around 5kHz would add to the brightness and presence already well represented in the track.

Boots has extremely wide appeal and would fit in perfectly on any mainstream commercial radio station. A great, fun song that we here at Send Me Your Ears absolutely loved. Great stuff!