Amber T – Broken Dreams

Amber T is an 18 year old on a mission! Her latest single, Broken Dreams, comes hot on the heels of some big successes and National radio play. This is a youngster with some serious ambition.

Fortunately, to go with her ambition, Amber also has a great voice. Reminiscent of 90s era pop divas like Toni Braxton or Jennifer Lopez, her confident vocals carry her. Not just a vocalist, but a musician too, I can imagine that Amber T is a smooth and confident performer. There’s something really endearing about her. She clearly loves what she does.

There are places in the track that remind me of Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants To Rule The World. The rhythm is similar and the whole feel of the song has an ability to sound both current and a little 90s. Almost a little tiny bit of country twang in places too, which all adds to the versatility of Amber T’s voice.

Photo credit: Adam Titchener

Occasional backing harmonies come in in the chorus to bolster up the lead vocal and add some extra power and emotion to the message. There’s a brief lo-fi moment on the drums which was unexpected and added to the overall interest of the song.
As a song which grabs your attention immediately, this is a radio friendly track and I’m sure with the right promotions behind it, Broken Dreams has everything needed to make this a success. Its a good length for commercial air play.

From my own perspective on production, I’d give a boost around 150Hz to give some more warmth to the low end of the track. A boost at 50Hz will give the kick more thump and a cut around 800 will reduce slightly honky/nasality in the overall track. I’d also give a little boost to the top three octaves to give a little more life, character and air to the track. This is a well written and well performed song, and the production suggestions are purely my own opinion.

I’m excited to see a youngster as ambitious as Amber T and with a great voice, and some real songwriting chops, I expect to see her soar.