Find of the day!

We spend so much time listening to music that’s new to us. Whether it’s from new artists or established artists we simply haven’t heard of, we listen to a lot of music. So when Andrew Bees new single, Real Life, came through our speakers we smiled. We smiled a lot.
This track fooled us initially. With a Pink Floyd style feel to the first section we thought we know how this was going to go.

Then all of a sudden; steel drums and we’re into one of the most grin-inducing reggae tunes we think we’ve ever heard. This is quality music that made all of us want to get up and dance, or at least shuffle around!
The lead vocals are beautiful; crisp, clear and easy to hear with great control in the higher notes and an infectious positivity that just draws you right in. Harmony vocals are nicely stereo and utterly flawless.

This is an unquestionably well mixed and mastered track. Every instrument has plenty of space and can be heard easily. Well played and genre-suiting bass pokes through nicely and gives the whole song that sunshiney Jamaican feel we all need right now.
The horn section is a nice touch. Again, very well played. We were particularly taken with the lead guitar solo. It helps to take this song from a standard predictable reggae song into a class all of its own.

This song just oozes positivity and looking at the biography of Andrew Bees, We can tell he does too. We like this on both a personal level as well as for the musicality.

This is captivating, life affirming, optimistic first rate music which we have obviously and easily given 5 out 5 ears to.
We hope to hear much much more from Andrew Bees. He made our day! Go listen and let him make yours too.