Angelina Luzi – LIFE

Angelina Luzi releases her latest single, Life, today (March 25 2022) and we love it!

An interesting and exciting singer-songwriter/folk/pop/electronic fusion that just oozes class. This song is right up our street and is our find of the day.
Vocally sounding a little like Nelly Furtado in places, Luzi has a control and a confidence that really carries this song. There’s some spectacular harmonies, together with a Pink Floyd-esque “wailing” section. There’s even a whispered vocal section. This song has it all.
Starting in a very unique way with a kind of percussive pipe instrument (what is that? it sounds awesome!), the rise and fall of Life is a joy to behold. The percussion introduction reminded us (just slightly) of Rush’s track YYZ.
Written about finding a new way of approaching life after lockdown, a kind of “stop and smell the flowers” attitude perhaps, Life is a really unique and individual piece of music.
Its not often, if fact so rare that this may be our first, that we review a track written in 5/4 time. With minimal percussion or drums at the start it takes the listener a moment to realise something different is happening but when you realise, it just contributes to the smile you already have on your face. Did we mention we love this track?!

According to Luzi, Skin from Skunk Anansie took a listen to the early draft of Life and gave some tips. It shows. She would be proud of this if she hasn’t heard it already. This is a supremely individual work that easily maintains interest throughout the song. With lots of rise and fall – we particularly liked the crescendo to sudden drop at around 23 seconds in. A really nice touch.

Kudos to the producer (Nick Burns), who is also responsible for all of the instrumentation on this track. Everything has been well recorded, and there’s a great deal of attention to detail in the recording process. We can even hear the wires of the snare from an undersnare mic. The hand claps are a nice touch too.

We feel that to make this track even more outstanding, it could do with a little more stereo in it. It’s quite noticeably missing and could easily be adjusted. Perhaps Luzi could consider some more panning on her next release. Perhaps a boost in the top 3 octaves with a little cut around 7-8kHz to avoid too much sibilance in the vocal track poking through and a high pass at 40 and below to filter out some rumbling that most home speakers will not be able to handle.

Without doubt, Angelina Luzi’s track, Life, is our song of the day. We absolutely love artists who seamlessly cross genres and there’s something so effortless and stylish about this track that you almost forget that its a 5/4 pop/electronic/jazz/singer-songwriter fusion!

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