ANNA BALDREE’s latest single, Final Girl, is a beautiful foray into Indie melodic pop rock.

Anna’s vocals are clear, easy to hear and charming to listen to. There’s some kind of effect on them… chorus? doubling? I wasn’t quite sure but it certainly added to my enjoyment of the song and maintained a certain uniqueness throughout.

Having just finished watching the latest series of Dexter, I just fell in love with the subject matter!! What a great story behind this one. I’m hooked!

photographer: Sara-Anne Waggoner

I was really drawn in to the development throughout of this song. At 1m40s it starts to build – the addition of the shaker is a nice touch, and by 2m50s its an exhilarating full band sound with a well played kit and soaring instrumentation. I did feel the vocals were a little lost at this point – perhaps a clashing frequency fighting for attention rather than a volume issue.

The hiss that is on the guitar track is soon lost as the song develops and more instruments are added and it didn’t bother me. If Rihanna can get away with having a hiss on her track, Stay, then I can totally forgive this.

A quick word to the wise, Anna, – your acoustic guitar has a resonance at 196Hz. Notching out that frequency in the future will avoid peaks like I heard at the 4s mark.

Again, I loved this. A really strong, positive, euphoric track that I was very drawn to. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Anna.

I give this track 4 ears out of 5