Anne Bennett – Fabulous Creature

Anne Bennett, of Salem, US, has a new single out, Fabulous Creature, and for fans of pop/rock crossover, we think you’ll love this track. It’s been turned up loud in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Fabulous Creature is a song where the vocalist is finally learning to accept herself for who she is. It’s about realising it’s just fine to be a little different. Fabulous Creature is a call to action for us to embrace our flaws and play to our strengths, however different they may be. A great sentiment in a very upbeat and exciting song.

Bennett cites Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kate Bush, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey and Bauhaus as influences on her music and we can see that in her vocal style for sure. Her vocals sit clearly in the mix and are nicely up front and easy to hear.

The chorus of Fabulous Creature is catchy and with a repeated vocal line of “Fabulous Creature” this song is guaranteed to stick in your head for hours to come.

The doubled vocals in places are a nice touch and work well, as well as the distorted vocals in the choruses.

The combination of 80s synth sounds together with some modern production and electronic sounds ensures that Fabulous Creature crosses music eras as well as genres. The fuzz bass in places is heavy and loud and draws your attention before returning to a more typical bass sound in different sections of the song.

There’s some lovely stereo effects, especially in the intro and there’s good use of silences to give a break between sections and let the listener know where they are in the song.

Anne Bennett’s style here reminded us very much of Canadian artists, The Beaches. A Toronto based all female rock band who are bringing modern pop and production into the rock world which may not be appealing to the purists, but without a shadow of a doubt, will bring a whole new generation of fans to a genre that is dominated by those of a slightly older generation. Bring it on, we say!

From a production point of view, Fabulous Creature is well mixed and mastered. Our only suggestion would be a very wide boost centred around 8kHz to bring a little more brightness and definition into the track, but essentially, this is good work.

Fabulous Creature is a fun, empowering rock/pop crossover anthem that will get under your skin and positively inspire you to be your very best self. For lovers of modern rock, this is one we think you’ll put on repeat and marvel at the journey of self discovery that you’ll take with this brave and unique performer.