Anton Commissaris – Living My Life

Anton Commissaris’ latest release, ‘Living My Life’ is beautiful smoky jazz bar song which harks back to the old crooners. Frank Sinatra for certain must be an influence on Anton.

What struck me also though, is that this has many similarities in style to George Michael’s “Older” album.

I loved the middle frequency incidental guitar riffs, very well played and poking through nicely without dominating. I also loved the very classy sax solo; well played and in keeping with the genre of the track. The instrumentation is on point and all clearly by accomplished musicians.

This is a positive message song that seems to be about just keeping on and letting go of anything that is holding the listener back. I like this. It’s what we all need to hear right now.
I’m struggling a little with the production, and made a few overall master changes to bring it more into line with my own personal taste. The song lacked a little energy and bringing up the overall brightness in the higher octaves really brings out the exceptional ride cymbal playing, as well as making the song pop and be a little more clear in my ears.

Production-wise, a little dry; perhaps some hall reverbs (for reference have a listen to George Michael – Spinning The Wheel). The vocals feel well delivered, but some attitude and character in them (which I’m sure Anton can do) would take this song from good to excellent.

Living My Life is really well written and well performed and is minute steps away from being much more accessible.

Give it some attitude next time, Anton!! We look forward to hearing more from you.

We give this song 3 ears out of 5