Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the debut single from Cincinnati based artist, Apaolo. Chase The Sun is a call to action for a listener who is ready for a change in their life. It is a positive and upbeat song about making that change that so many people just talk about but never achieve.

With a quick drum fill to start, Chase The Sun comes straight in with a full band sound and you can hear from the start that this is a quality track.

Apaolo’s voice is unique and interesting. It is very clear in the mix with lots of character. A touch quirky and at times reminding us of The Specials, Terry Hall.

Chase The Sun has some great rise and fall and maintained our interest well. There’s a lovely build at one point into a big drop with some slightly driven vocals. This drop then leads into the chorus which we loved! We found the separation between sections in this song to be particularly well done and the changes helped to keep us invested in listening to the end (several times)! The song develops really well and has been clearly very well considered. We loved the extra layered vocals and incidental guitars. Lots of things happening to listen to at any given moment.

Chase The Sun’s chorus takes on a half time feel. It is positively anthemic and we all found ourselves nodding our heads slowly along with the track and smiling.

Our thoughts on production; The vocal is delivered with confidence and attitude throughout the track, but we did feel it was just a touch lost during the choruses. A little extra compression and a boost in the high mids and highs would bring it forward a little more.
To our ears, the bass feels a little heavy around 100-120Hz so a small cut here would help clear the mix a little. We also felt that the track could benefit from a slight high shelf boost in the top octave.

Chase The Sun is a stunning debut single from Apaolo. Released today, September 30 2022, this nostalgic feeling call-to-action track is one which you will find yourself humming for days. We’re very much looking forward to hearing where this talented artist takes things next.