It is always a pleasure to hear the latest from Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends, and their newest song, Suck, was in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio many many times today.

From the moment Suck starts, you just know it’s going to be a fun track. Coming straight in with a kind of folk/rock feeling and folky instrumentation, the song takes several twists and turns and manages (very successfully) to cross multiple genres completely effortlessly. We were nodding our heads immediately!

When the vocals come in, the song changes direction slightly, and the harmonies are just superb. Developing well all the way throughout and with a fun horn section, Suck is a truly positive and bouncy feeling track.

As you get to the choruses, you’re treated to a fantastic change of pace with a disco beat becoming the prominent feel of the track. With some super funky rhythm guitar panned to the left this is a song that not only easily maintains the listeners interest but positively enthrals them.

Wonderful rise and fall and superb separation between sections ensure that this track keeps you on your toes all the way. At around 3 minutes in, there’s even a section that has some definite Beatles stylings, followed by a gorgeous little slap bass section.

We listened to the album version of this track which had a long instrumental fade out which we thoroughly enjoyed.

From a production perspective, a small boost around 50Hz would give the kick drum a little more punch and a small boost centred around 7kHz for a little more brightness. A light compressor on the master to give the whole track a few extra dBs would add to the paunchiness of the drums as well as adding a little more warmth overall.

We’ve reviewed Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends several times before and have loved every track so far. In “Suck” you are treated to another wide collaboration of musicians who have been involved and the quality of writing and musicianship is more than evident. This is another great track.