Ash Ravens – Home

Ottawa artist, Ash Ravens has released a beautiful and relaxing singer-songwriter track, Home. If you’re looking for something to listen to to calm you down after a hard day at work, this is the song for you.

Standing at just shy of four minutes, Home is a gentle and heartfelt tale of the importance of feeling at home somewhere, or more importantly in this case, with that special someone.

I absolutely loved the chorus line;
“In a room full of friends
I’d still be alone
No matter where I am
You’ll always be my Home.”

I totally hear this. According to Raven’s biography, this is a song about him travelling the world and then returning the person with whom he feels his “truest self”.

Wise words indeed, and this positive sounding song really does just wash over you and make you feel at peace.

The song starts with some lovely smooth guitar, bass and some very minimal percussion. There’s some very appealing reverbs on the lead vocals that are just enough, whilst still maintaining a crispness and clarity in the voice so that every word is audible and recognisable.
As it develops and into the chorus we find a full drum kit, but still very much in the background, some sumptuous backing harmonies and gentle swelling keys to bolster up and fill out the overall sound.

I’m very taken with the incidental Spanish guitar style acoustic that drifts in and out throughout the song. Expertly played and placed perfectly within the gaps. Some really well chosen note choices here.

“Home” is a really positive, warm feeling and very relaxed song that eases the pain. I can imagine this song on a chill out playlist, or doing well on Campus Radio in Canada.

This is a really well produced track. For my own personal preferences I would add some overall compression on the output just to give a little more warmth. A small boost in the top and bottom frequencies to balance things out a little more and just a touch of additional volume on the overall master will bring it more in line with commercial releases.

Ash Ravens has excelled himself here with a truly relatable song for the one he loves. I just adore this, it really brings peace to a chaotic day. Thank you.

We give this song four ears out of five