Italian band, Avelion, shared their latest single with the world yesterday and we’ve been fortunate enough to be among the first to listen. Bound To Blackness is easily one of the most enjoyable tracks that we’ve reviewed this month and we absolutely loved every second of it.

After we’d finished listening to this six and a half minute masterpiece (for the first time), we sat back in our chairs and couldn’t speak. Exhausted by the intensity and excitement of this track, we immediately set about searching for what else of theirs we could listen to.

Avelion mention in their bio that they have a new vocalist, Riccardo Rizzardelli, and all we can say is KEEP HIM!!! His lead vocals are flawless, with a held high note at around 2 minutes in that made us all pick our jaws up off the floor.

Kudos to the rest of the band as well; Oreste Giacomini – Keyboards, Leonardo Freggi- Guitars, Danilo Arisi – Bass and Alessandro Ponzi – Drums. The musicianship in this track is absolutely world class.

This is a group of highly skilled, creative musicians whose precision playing is exquisite. Some Steve Vai-esque solos, together with some Dream Theater/ Within Temptation leanings, this is most definitely a band to watch. Some sextuplet double kick drum work needs praising too.

This truly is melodic metal at its very best. Its aggressive without being harsh and is a nice crossover of several other genres; prog rock, electronica and even has a touch of poppiness in certain sections. The time signature changes and the sections of fast solo guitar, right to the choir like moments in the break downs, this song has everything a fan of intelligent metal needs.

Within the first few seconds of listening to this track, you absolutely know what you’re going to get. After 6 minutes you feel honoured to have been treated to musicianship of this level. The song, whilst long by radio standards, utterly and easily maintained our interest throughout, and for several listens.

From a production perspective, again, this is world class. To our own ears we might suggest trying giving a tiny boost around 2.5-3kHz for a bit more smack on the snare and the sound of the beater on the kick, and perhaps a little boost of the top octave for some extra brightness, but these are just a couple of suggestions if we were forced at gun point to make!

Without doubt, one of our favourites, Avelion have produced something which lovers of intelligent melodic metal will absolutely swoon over. We’re off to go listen again now and we strongly urge you to do the same. Fantastic!