Australia’s Bayley Pearl, has just released her latest single, In Her Wake, and if you’re searching for the next female blues-rock artist to be astounded at, then Bayley Pearl is for you.

In Her Wake starts with some arpeggiated strings with some lovely reverbs that give a sense of something exciting about to happen. From the moment the song starts, you can already feel it building. There’s a tense anticipation in the 6/8 rhythm and the instrumentation that makes you know this is going to be an explosive track.

When Bayley Pearl’s vocals come in, you soon realise why you were being led to feel excited. Pearl’s vocals are astonishing. Her voice has a real star quality, and whilst she has been making Nashville connections, we feel that Pearl’s strength would be in a blues-rock playlist.

Pearl’s voice is strong, confident and versatile, her low and breathy notes have just as much power and punch as her higher belted notes. The whole performance is exceptionally well controlled. Reminding us in places of JJ Wilde or perhaps Joanne Shaw Taylor, Pearl’s vocal gymnastics and technical skills would lead us to draw the closest comparisons with Christina Aguilera. The track Mercy On Me would be a particular song to note the similarities. You could draw comparisons to Alicia Keys here too (Fallin’) and it’s not just the 6/8 feel – it’s the quality of the vocal performance.

In Her Wake just keeps on building. As listeners, we were constantly feeling that tension and release of a great song and everything about this track screams pure class.

Lyrically sounding like Bayley may have found herself in the devastating path of a narcissist, In Her Wake, speaks of someone you most definitely don’t want to encounter. The line

“Well you know she was in town from the fire that’s not dying down. Water rises, water falls. This river of tears that could be yours” led us to think that perhaps this is a warning from Pearl to the next victim of this woman.

The whole song had a definitely James Bond theme tune feel to it. Perhaps the woman in question is an evil Bond villain. Either way, this track is one which we could easily see being placed in a movie and just as easily picking up commercial airplay. We love it!

The production on In Her Wake is expertly done. If we had to say something, a small boost across the top three octaves would add to the brightness but this track sure doesn’t ‘need’ anything. One other thing we noticed is that it was quiet in comparison to other tracks we have listened to today. We are sure this isn’t a mastering issue but worth mentioning that another 4-5dB would bring it more in line with other similar releases.

Bayley Pearl’s, In Her Wake, is an absolutely stunning blues-rock track with terrific vocals, thought-provoking lyrics and classy instrumentation. More please!