Bealby Point – Say It Anyway

Vancouver (Canada) based rockers, Bealby Point, are back with a new single, Say It Anyway. Its been in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Say It Anyway is the second release from their forthcoming EP, set for release this summer. Say It Anyway is a positive anthem about just doing your best in any situation. The verses sound melancholic and sad and with a “to hell with it” attitude, you are launched into a positive chorus.

Bealby Point describe themselves as “a cross between The Strokes and Eagles with a splash of Bahamas… on the rocks, no ice”. Does that paint a clear enough picture of how they sound?!

Say It Anyway hits you straight away. With popping drums, great stereo and clear vocals.

We loved the conflict between the verses and the choruses; “The memories i keep of you are kind of stuck to my shoe” in the verses and “I don’t really care” in the choruses. It paints both sides of the same situation and shows that the writer is seeing both vantage points in a relationship or situation and is able to come out of something negative feeling positive. We all need this in our life right now!

There’s some really low vocals in places in the lead vocal that show an impressive range, and there’s lots of harmony and layered vocals throughout the song.

The catchy, positive feeling chorus stands out well as that all important change of pace busy hi-hat is added to let the listener know they’re at the bit they need to learn if they want to sing along!! We were all tapping our feet fairly on in the song. This is super-catchy. It would have been nice from our perspective to have a little more compositional dynamics in the song – some rise and fall, perhaps, but Bealby Point have pretty much nailed it with a super-catchy, radio friendly length song.

We absolutely love the guitar solo to the end. Well executed, panned right, and with some fantastic tones and choices of notes.

Production wise, its rare for us to say this, but we were very impressed indeed and we have no improvements to suggest. Perhaps the vocals are a little lost in the busier sections, but otherwise a great great song.

Bealby Point have produced something really quite spectacular with, Say It Anyway and we’re very excited indeed to hear what they do next. This is great stuff!