Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio, we’ve been listening to “Let Her Go”, the latest single from UK artist, Beth Sarah. This is the lead single from the forthcoming album of the same name. Released today (December 30, 2022)

Beth Sarah turned 40 in January 2022 and decided that this year was the year she would allow herself to focus on music, which has been a lifelong passion. Beth states; “I’ve spent many years focused on caring for my autistic child and the trauma of perpetually being needed turned me into a person who never seized opportunities”. From the quality of writing, performance and production of this track, Beth is clearly ready to embrace a music career and push it forward as hard as she can.

In Let Her Go, lyrically, Beth lets go of her former self and embraces an unknown but exciting and positive future.

Let Her Go fades in on synths and when the rhythm joins, you instantly know this is going to be a feel-good anthem. The song makes great use of interesting basslines that fill gaps and dance around the melody, drawing attention to the danceable rhythms and demonstrating a remarkable quality of mix.

There is some superb panning on the acoustic guitar and its rhythm gives the song a Jack Johnson summer vibe. The snare is poppy and stands out perfectly without dominating.

Beth’s voice oozes the confidence of a more seasoned performer than her bio implies. She sings with a smile in her voice which reminded us very much of the great Karen Carpenter. There are some beautiful and effortless portamento moments and her voice has an endearing character we instantly warmed to. The harmonies in the choruses are a wonderful touch: adding depth to the overall sound and bolstering the lead vocal beautifully.

The chorus has a simple sing-along feel to it. A slight change up in rhythm patterns draws attention to it and the way the chords change but the melody doesn’t keeps it interesting throughout. By the time the chorus came around a second time, we all felt ready to singalong.

Let Her Go has a lovely bridge with a change of feel with some synth strings and some more defined stabs in the rhythm and the repeated line to the end felt as if it was going to be a simple fade out but wasn’t, which made us instantly hit repeat and listen again.

Final Thoughts

Let Her Go is an astounding song from an artist who is very clearly hitting the ground running and making up for lost time following her lifelong passion. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face, this is a high-quality track that we highly recommend.