Bineal Roy – Maybe

Sydney, Australia artist, Bineal Roy has just released his debut solo single, Maybe, and it’s been echoing round the Send Me Your Ears studio several times today. Bineal, of Sydney psych-rock band Adaptors, turned to solo work during the pandemic and this is his first solo offering.

Maybe is a smooth, easy listening song of hope about what may be in the future for the singer.
The song starts immediately into Bineal’s warm and smooth vocals with a little bass and drums to back him up. As the song progresses, there are some guitar stabs added and heavily reverbed background vocals. Bineal Roy’s falsetto moments in the vocals are exquisite.

As you come into the chorus you soar with some beautiful harmony vocals. By this point, you feel comfortable in the song with the repeated line “Maybe it’s….” where Bineal puts out lots of questions that are going round in his head; “Maybe it’s not the time, but maybe you will be mine”.

The accompanying video really is rather well done and a lot of fun. A split screen for the most part (almost reminding us of the movie Sliding Doors) in which Roy and a girl are going about their day to day lives and almost but not quite meeting.

We laughed out loud (sorry Bineal, that looked kinda painful!) at the moment in the video where the couple are both out running and he’s so taken by her that he runs into a post! The music stops abruptly, and in the video, she comes to his rescue. If you weren’t watching the video you might be checking your cables to see if something fell out. It’s such a sudden jerk and almost accidental end to the song. But it’s clever. Really clever, and the video really is superbly put together.

After she picks him up off the grass, we’re treated to some stellar guitar soloing from Bineal, where we hear a smooth, gentle, well executed solo with heavy reverbs. It reminded us of Chris Rea’s On The Beach. After this, a different, and brief muted octaves guitar solo before we build back into the chorus.

The song ends almost as abruptly as the middle section change, and if you’re watching the video, you’ll know that at this point, the couple have another “chance” meeting and we hope Roy’s next song will be a continuation of this cute little love story.

From a production point of view, we’d suggest maybe a tiny boost across the top half of the track to add in some brightness, bring out that lovely breathy quality in Bineal’’s voice and add some extra shimmer to the drums. A boost around 50-60Hz will add some low end warmth and some more punch to the kick drum. Perhaps a little more compression and gain on the overall track to bring the volume more into line with commercial releases, but aside from these tiny adjustments, this is a great fun track, and of course, these are only our own personal thoughts on production.

Bineal Roy’s debut solo single is an exciting change of pace from his rockier band days. A smooth and relaxing song of hope and new love, Maybe is sure to please lovers of easy listening, smooth pop and reverb drenched guitars. Great stuff!