Blondeking – Everything

We’re so happy to have Blondeking’s music dancing around the Send Me Your Ears studio again today. For those of you who regularly read our blog, we recently reviewed “Absolution” by Blondeking, after which we also gave him some production and vocal technique advice privately.

We are thrilled with the sound of his latest song, Everything. This is another storming 80s feeling feel good track, very reminiscent of Duran Duran, Erasure, OMD era. We love how Blondeking describes himself; “If there was a multiverse where the 1980s just continued, Blondeking would fit in that mould” Yes! Down to a tee!

There are moments in Everything that sound just a little Daft Punk like but it feels as though Blondeking is working hard on both his vocal production and technique. There’s a new found level of comfort in this song that we didn’t hear in Absolution. The vocals sit more comfortably in the mix and although the tuning effect is still evident, it is not as dominant as previously heard. There was a very very clear Simon Le Bon moment in the vocals at one point (and not in the embarrassing Live Aid moment kind of way!)

The layered synths and guitars are all very authentically 80s and there’s lots of things happening. This really is a great example of 80s electronic music with some modern touches. We were particularly drawn to the reverb drenched guitars and echoes in the opening section of the song. This just grabs your attention immediately and you feel drawn in to the energy of the song.

We love how much more stereo this track is too. There’s lots of panning of instruments and effects, all of which serve to make Everything a really full sounding track to enjoy. With headphones in, it is really clear that a lot of effort has been put into the production here. Bravo!

To bring this song more into line with commercial releases of a similar style, we’d suggest using a compressor to try to get an extra 5-7dB of overall gain. We’d suggest the artist try some soft distortion if it’s available on their compressor. This genre of music is usually mashed right up against the limiter and to not do that is to miss out on opportunities to be heard by the right people.

We can imagine this track being used for a background scene in a TV show; probably the music playing in a nightclub or similar.

We’re really excited for Blondeking and his musical journey. Fantastic and truly authentic music from a very unique artist who is following his own path and nailing it.