Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from one of our favourites: Blue Shirt Charlie. The Nashville-based band released Misty on April 21st, 2023.

Misty has a dreamy floating quality to it that just washes over the listener, and sets you in the most relaxing frame of mind. The theme of the song: It’s worth getting lost to be found. We love it already!

Misty has a Counting Crows feel to it with touches of the more gentle Bob Seger numbers. The warm guitars lead you into the song, and as it slowly develops, your ears are treated to some delightful incidental guitars with tremolo.

The opening lyric, “I can sleep with my back to the door open for the first time in my life.” instantly grabs your attention, and makes you feel as though you’re about to go on an emotional journey with the vocalist. There are lovely reverbs on the vocal track, filling it out nicely, and the choir of voices that come in in the choruses are a delight to listen to. We’re also particularly drawn to the singer’s effortless switch into head voice, (for example, on the word “Tennessee”) giving the track just the perfect amount of Americana/Country influence.

We absolutely loved the late arrival of the drums on this track. This gives rise to so much additional space to build the track and develop it nice and slowly. The addition of Hammond arrives subtly, and everything about this track is so laid-back that you can’t help but be drawn in.

The stereo harmonies in the dual guitars during the solo are a great touch, and the whole track has that quality of musicianship, scoring, songwriting and performance that we’ve come to know and love from Blue Shirt Charlie.

The song has a long and dreamy ending with a fade out that brings in cavernous reverb, whilst fading out the dry signal, giving rise to a thunderous sound that leaves you wanting more.

Ideas from our ears

A small boost around 100-120Hz could add a little extra depth to the low end. A small cut centred around 450Hz and a boost centred round 8kHz may balance out some ‘honky’ tones with a little extra brightness overall. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Blue Shirt Charlie are a force to be reckoned with. Outstanding musicianship and quality performing. We always love hearing their music, and strongly recommend you add this track to your playlist today!