Bones in Butter – Down But Not Out

We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been listening to Serbia’s, Bones in Butter, today with their latest release, Down But Not Out. Down But Not Out is out today (November 18, 2022) on all platforms.

Bones In Butter are Milutin Krasevic – vox, synths, music and lyrics; Luna Skopelja . vox, FX; Todor Zivkovic – guitars; Srdjan Popov – bass, mix and master; Tom Fedja Franklin – drums.

Down But Not Out is a tale about ordinary people living, suffering and surviving in a hostile environment dominated by a malevolent, corrupt and immoral elite.

Bones In Butter cite ELO and the Stranglers as influences on their music, and we can definitely see that. We also noticed some hints of OMD, Depeche Mode and Joy Division – a definite late 80s electro-pop feel to the whole track, with some European influences.

At times, the chord progressions were so beautifully unpredictable that it almost felt like they were deliberately following the Dystopian feel that the lyrics were conjuring up. A clever combination.

We love the layered vocals here. Krasevic’s voice reminded us very much of Andy McCluskey of Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

The guitar solo in ‘Down But Not Out’ is so excitingly unpredictable that we were on the edge of our seats whilst listening. The running 8s bassline keeps the song progressing along nicely, and helps to give a truly authentic 80s pop feel to the song.

We like the repeated vocal line “we were down but we were not out” to the end, with the electric guitar solo sitting over the top and bringing the track to a stinger ending.

From a production perspective, we feel that a boost centred around 250Hz would add to the warmth and fullness of the track and a high shelf boost in the top 2-3 octaves would add to the brightness. A small dip around 5kHz would help reduce some small peaks in the sibilant parts of the vocal track.

For fans of 80s euro-pop, Depeche Mode or OMD, Bones In Butter’s new track, Down But Not Out, is sure to delight your ears. We urge you to add this to your playlist today.