Brave New Broken Hearts Club – A Little Piece Of me

In our ears today was the sounds of Brave New Broken Hearts Club new single, A Little Piece Of me. Are you looking for something quintessentially British? This is for you. A LIttle Piece of Me is not out until April 8th so you’ll have to take our word for it… in the meantime, if you’re reading this review before April 8 – do go check out Brave New Broken Hearts Club’s other music in the link above. You won’t be disappointed!
A little Piece of Me is a quirky, cockney sounding song that just oozes Britishness!! A real Britpop anthem of fun and pure joy.
Before we even read the biography we both noted how similar to Billy Bragg this sounded. There’s just that typical London boy confidence about the vocals that we love. Move over Suggs, there’s a new kid in town!!

A Little Piece Of Me is a real find. Its kind of rare to find that many artists that aren’t North American that don’t sound like Americans when they sing. Brave New Broken Hearts Club is everything you love about London and truly sticks to what they know.

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London born songwriter and producer Neil Phillimore. We don’t often mention the personal life of the artists we review, but credit here to Neil for his not-for-profit work mentoring and supporting the wellbeing of the youth in his area. Kudos!

There’s patches of Oasis, there’s patches of Blur in this song, but there’s also something so truly unique about it that it really stands alone as a shining example of an artist following their own true path.
We found ourselves nodding and smiling along to A Little Piece Of Me, always a good thing, and we noticed some great development throughout the song to maintain interest. We always like the addition of a tambourine, however gentle, just to accent the rhythm in a song – usually the choruses, and this works very well, and is very subtle in the track.
Vocally, the accent is the thing that hits you the most, but there’s also some superb technique in Phillimore’s voice. We noticed some real class and great technique in the high notes. (especially the word “find”).
A great breakdown in the middle builds confidently back into the main song and you can’t help but be swept along by the positivity of this song.
There’s a nice EQ balance throughout the song and its been produced well. The snare is a little dominant to our liking around 200Hz but only in the choruses so perhaps this was intentional.
A Little Piece of Me is just lacking slightly in stereo, making for some issues if this receives any mono air play. Perhaps consider just a little more panning to balance things out some more, but overall this is a well mixed and mastered track.

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is a little slice of England all wrapped up in a superb indie pop bundle of joy. We can’t wait to hear more!

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