We were so happy that Brave New Broken Hearts Club latest single, All I Have Is Now, reached the top of our reviews pile today. We recently reviewed the single “A Little Piece Of Me” and are so happy to hear another song by this talented Londoner.

Brave New Broken Hearts Club is the vehicle for north London born songwriter and producer Neil Phillimore. We’ve found both his music, and his whole approach to life to be thoroughly inspirational. All I Have Is Now is a gentle reminder that nothing is certain. It reminds the listener that nothing, other than the exact moment we’re in, has any guarantees. Most people have learned this over the past two years, but there’s absolutely no harm in a reminder. Especially one which is so gentle and charming.

Philimore’s deep smooth voice packs a punch. His strong London accent is absolutely charming, with obvious nods to Billy Bragg in his stylings. There’s nothing fake about this. This performer is laying his soul bare, exactly how it is. We’re always suckers for an artist with a strong regional accent so another box was ticked here.

The song starts beautifully and gently with some spectacularly well recorded acoustic guitar. When the vocals come in, they feel open and honest.

“I’m underwhelmed by my best days”

We like how the drums come in in the chorus, but drop out again for the second verse, except to add in a heartbeat-like kick drum. A gentle reminder to stay in the present.

Some gorgeous harmonics on the acoustic guitar add even more character to this simple but effective song.

The rise and fall is All I Have Now works well. We particularly like how the penultimate chorus is stripped right back to add extra effect when the chorus is repeated with the full band sound, and some extra drums and fills.

The song ends as beautifully as it started; on acoustic guitar with just a touch of tremelo. This track enthralled us from start to finish.

Production-wise, Philimore has once again done a great job. Some lovely stereo and effects make for a full sound with the full spectrum covered. Our only suggestion would be that when the extra guitar comes in for the choruses, the vocals lost just a touch of presence. Perhaps something in the guitar track (around the 1-2kHz range) is competing for attention. Maybe something to investigate. Other than this slight adjustment (and of course, just to our ears) this is just beautiful.

Brave New Broken Hearts Club latest single, All I Have Is Now, is a beautifully evocative singer-songwriter style track with a charming Englishness about it. A very gentle reminder to be grateful for everything good in our lives – including this great new single.