Brave New Broken Hearts Club is back in our ears here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today and we couldn’t be more thrilled. His latest single, Higher, is an evocative and emotional performance that simply oozes an increase in self belief from the talented Neil Phillimore.

The moment the track started, two of us, in unison, said “ooh that’s nice!” With some gloriously thick sounding guitars, Higher has fairly sparse instrumentation, but it’s used so effectively.

Phillimore’s authentic Billy Bragg style vocals are the main focus of Higher, but there truly is some superb incidental guitar riffs, and we love the toms work on the drums. The vocals are clear and just a touch vulnerable and serve to show the great versatility in this artist. We’ve heard some Britpop/ Madness style vocals from him previously, as well as an equally vulnerable, raw and honest performance in All I Have Is Now.

What you have with Higher is a track which shows that this is an artist who is fine tuning every aspect of his career and development and it shows. Higher is a beautifully evocative song which draws on Phillimore’s ethos of every day being an opportunity to grow; to get closer to our ‘ t r u e s t – s e lve s ’, c o m b i n e d w i t h h i s experience of depression

With a catchy chorus, this is a song that you can really get involved in. You really feel lifted by Phillimore’s words and the ethos behind these lyrics. With a soaring middle 8 that leads back into that catchy chorus again, Phillimore has successfully won us over completely.

From a production perspective, the vocal track has a slight peak around 200Hz particularly when in the lower register so a notch out here would balance things out. A small high shelf cut in the top octave would bring the hi-hat under control a little too. That said, the sound and production alone on this track is enough to attract the listeners attention.

Brave New Broken Hearts Club just gets better every song we hear. This truly honest and authentic singer songwriter has successfully captured our hearts. We simply love the positivity and call to action that Phillimore brings to his music. Such a captivating songwriter.

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