We here at the Send Me Your Ears studio have been taking several thoroughly enjoyable listens to the latest single from the North of England’s band, Breeze. Their latest single, Adrenaline, is an explosive and exhilarating ride and for fans of Britpop or Arctic Monkeys, then this is definitely for you.

Breeze are a talented group of youngsters, with the average of the band being 18, they have a very bright future ahead of them if Adrenaline is anything to go by.

The song immediately hits you in all the feels! It is catchy straight away, with intoxicating rhythm guitar and some really punchy drums.

We love the use of a fully open hi-hat which helps to build excitement in the track. The drummer truly knows their stuff here and uses their skills extremely effectively. The use of some super-skilful and fast tambourine in the choruses is spectacular and helps differentiate the sections of the song perfectly.

Vocally, this is superb Britpop. You can hear the vocalist’s accent coming through nicely, and we love that. The harmonies are well-crafted and perfectly placed.

With a simple and repetitive chord progression and a one note solo, you could be reminded of the White Stripes, but Breeze feel like a band that have a great deal more to give. We’re super excited to see where this young band progress as what we’re hearing already is just superb.

This is not only a well-written song, this is a well-arranged track as well. The breakdown that explodes back into the chorus and the stinger ending, keeping Adrenaline at an absolutely perfect radio-friendly length, show that this is a band that are most definitely on the right path.

From a production perspective, this is a great track with lots of energy. A small boost in the 200-250Hz range would add to the warmth and punch and a boost in the top two octaves for some extra brightness but these are just some ideas from us that you could try. The track doesn’t ‘need’ anything.

Adrenaline bounces along and easily maintained our interest for several listens. An absolutely stunning track from a band we will most definitely be keeping our ears out for in the future.