BREGN – Dreaming

It’s not often that you hear a great new song with a real 60s Beatles feel, but BREGN has managed to nail it with his new song, Dreaming.

There’s a lot to like about this track, but for me it’s the vocals. Not just the quality of the voice, but the choices of notes used in the harmonies. This is not your regular 3 or 5 harmony, these are compelling, unique and extremely interesting choices. This is clearly someone who has studied the Beatles distinctive harmony note choices. I was drawn in to the rise and fall of the song, which kept it interesting with instrumentation coming and going at just the right points throughout.

There’s a real folky feel to the guitar and I loved the addition of the strings which all added to the authenticity of what would have felt like a 60s song were it not for the superb production!

My only thought to improve production would be to add a little more top end brightness in the overall track. This would bring out the breathier aspects of the vocals and help the shaker/ percussion just poke through a little more clearly.

Honestly, this is one of my favourites this week. It gives me real hope for a future of musicians and songwriters who can really enthrall the listener with what feels initially to be a simple and understated song, but which has great depth.

A positive sounding song; I love the story behind it – a lullaby to encourage the listener to sleep soundly and safely.

Great stuff from BREGN. I hope to hear much much more from this talented and refreshing Danish artist.

Dreaming is due for release on March 25 2022

I give this track 4 ears out of 5