BREGN – You and me

We’ve been listening to Danish artist, BREGN’s latest single, You And Me, here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today. We reviewed his single, Dreaming, much earlier this year and were thoroughly impressed with the highly compelling Beatles-esque harmonies and the whole 60s feel to the track. You And Me is out today, November 18, 2022.

You And Me, lyrically, is a mix of summer, love, lots of insecurity with war and political drama and energy crisis. A song about love, hope and the continuation of believing that there is still a “you and me” at the end of the day.

You And Me starts very gently with acoustic guitar and some dreamy electric guitar fills. Bregn’s instantly-recognisable vocals join the mix. His voice is interesting to listen to and his accent shines through beautifully. There are moments here when we were reminded of the great Chris Cornell. There’s just a touch of gravel and passion here.

We love how the song has lots of stops between each section, this makes for an exciting song and after each stop, the song develops just a touch more. The rise and fall of this track is done extremely well and everything about You And Me is compelling and pleasant to listen to.

We were excited to hear the song take a slightly different direction at about 2 minutes in, with the addition of some thunderous bass sounds during an instrumental which carries the song to the end. We loved the church-sounding organ that You And Me ends on, together with the unexpected addition of more modern sounds in the low end.

From a production perspective, we noticed that there is an occasional peak in both the dreamy distant guitar and the vocal track in the 550-600Hz range so perhaps a small cut around this area would help balance out the mids a bit. A boost centred around 9-10kHz would add to the brightness as well.

Bregn’s, You And Me, is a hauntingly beautiful track whose warmth shines through as a positive light in a world of insecurity and drama. A great cross-over of shoegaze, folk and dream-pop.