Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to Bridges Ablaze’s latest single, Hellbent, released on January 13, 2023.

Speaking of the song, Texas-based Bridges Ablaze, say; “Hellbent is a song about overcoming adversity. This song reflects the struggles we’ve had to overcome while in pursuit of this lifelong dream. Specifically, this song reflects on the people that have used, misled, and betrayed us.” We loved the defiant Mouth For War style subject matter and the repeated lyric, “You can’t break me.”

With elements of Linkin Park throughout the song, Hellbent is a track we warmed to immediately. Starting ominously with some cavernous reverbs on the drums, we all found ourselves slow-nodding.
The vocals are versatile. There are moments where they are ‘balls-on-the-floor’ and there are other moments where they are more gentle. The aggressive backing sets the scene and the vocals deliver the message of the song passionately, without ever needing to head into a screamo voice. There are some perfectly placed layered vocals in the choruses.

It is hard to play this style of metal without it sounding messy. Bridges Ablaze have absolutely nailed it, with precision playing and some real quality musicianship.

The kick drum is clear and nicely clicky – perfect for this genre and the guitar playing here is simply world-class. We love the use of panned guitars and the rise and fall of the dynamic soundscape here is truly engaging. The guitar solo is to die for! Reminiscent in places of Dimebag Darrell, we loved the dual guitar moments in the solo.

With a stinger ending, we were left wanting more. Much more. So we hit replay and thoroughly enjoyed this track for several more listens.

The musicianship, writing, arrangement and production of this track are stunning. Careful consideration has been given to every single millisecond of the track to ensure no drop in impact at any moment.

One of the finest tracks we’ve heard so far this year, Bridges Abaze’s, Hellbent, is a dream come true for fans of heavy metal, melodic metal with hints of death metal. Absolutely stunning!