Tucson (US) artists, Broken Romeo, have just released their latest single, Wait For Me, from their album, Infirmus Orbis. We’ve had the honour of taking several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today and we have to say…this is right up our street!

Wait For Me deals with themes of infidelity, addiction and a marriage imploding because of it. With vocals slightly reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne in places, the track has an overall kind of Motley Crue, perhaps Poison, perhaps Black Crowes, feel to it. This is truly authentic rock, influenced from an era that we know and love well.

This track powers straight in with a sound that makes you sit back and say “Oh Yeah!”. You just know from the first second that you’re going to love this track.

Wait For Me has a superb stereo mix with some really rocking crunchy rhythm guitars. We like the layered vocals that back up the lead vocal without dominating, and the 16 beat tambourine in the choruses helps the listener to know where they are in the song. This is a catchy track that we had to listen to several times. Wait For Me is a hit in the making.

We love the break down after the chorus, around 2 minutes in. Fantastic work on the toms (in fact the drums and drum fills throughout are absolutely spot on), and with a telephone effect on the vocals. Great rise and fall.

From a production perspective, this is a great recording; well mixed with a nice balance of frequencies. Although the vocal line as an instrument is heard throughout, there are a few places where the lyrics are a little unclear in our opinion. A boost in the high mids around 4-5kHz would give the vocal line a little more definition and presence. This may however result in too much character in the driven guitars so it may be better to boost the vocal track and cut the guitars slightly in the same place. Another boost overall around 9kHz would make the whole track a bit brighter and clearer.

A name that was new to us, but ticked every single box for us. This is a tight rock band with a superior quality sound. We simply cannot wait to hear more from them.