Bryce Evans – Hurricanes

Longmount, US based artist, Bryce Evans, has a new single out, Hurricanes, and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying several listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Hurricanes is a song is about Mental Health. It’s about understanding it when we are going through mental “Hurricanes” Evans says;

“I’ve dealt with my fair share of them and I know some of my fans have as well. It dawned on me that a lot of people have these issues and this is a song that resonates with that. It tells you, “You’re not alone in that fight, hang in there.” I hope you find that same sentiment.”

We sure do. This is quality writing and performance with some heartfelt and passionately delivered lyrics.

Hurricanes starts gently on some lovely strummed electric guitar before if quickly launches into the full band sound with Evans’ vocals powering over the top. His vocals are very clear and present in the mix and it’s easy to hear every single word of his all important message.

We absolutely love the hard panning on the lead vocals in the pre-chorus. They switch from side to side, almost as if the vocalist is wrestling with demons in his own head and giving himself opposing advice. The layered vocals in the chorus are gorgeous and give some real depth to the overall sound.

There really is some superb rise and fall in Hurricanes. The song has a real blues rock feeling, but without us at any point losing interest as is always a danger in some styles of blues rock. The lyrics can get repetitive, the guitar solo can go on forever… not here. Bryce Evans has absolutely mastered the ability to hold the listeners attention from start to finish.

There’s some wonderful stereo in the drum track, to the point you can almost shut your eyes and watch where the drums are coming from. The guitar solo really is expertly performed, with a great tone and some spot on choices of notes to keep our interest. The build after the solo into the chorus is exciting and absolutely euphoric. This really is a well crafted song.

From a production perspective, we’d suggest a wide boost right across the middle of the spectrum, paying particular attention to the 100-150Hz and also the 4kHz range. This will give some more fullness overall and add some warmth and punch in the low end and just a touch more presence and definition in the top.

For fans of Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Lang, Tommy Castro and Black Crowes, Hurricanes by Bryce Evans is an absolute must. Passionate blues-rock vocals, masterful guitar solos and an important lyrical message. What more could a listener ask for?!