Burn Like Stars – Strange Comfort

Albany, NY rock band, Burn Like Stars, have a new single out, Strange Comfort, and we’ve had many many listens here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today.

Strange Comfort is a heavy rock/ Metalcore track that deals with battling depression and having negativity follow you around weighing you down. It’s a very relatable subject matter and we were more than ready to hear Burn Like Stars perspective.

Strange Comfort starts really gently on piano and synth with some really subtle string sounds. A really breathy sounding pad is added and helps to build interest. At this point, the listener will absolutely no idea what style of music this song is to be. It really could go in any direction.

At about 35 seconds the lead vocals come in and we are absolutely blown away. If you’re looking to hear some of the most spectacular metal vocals you’re ever going to hear then Burn Like Stars are for you.

We absolutely love this song. We’ve listened far more times than we needed to in order to write our review, but there’s something so impressive about this that it just begs you to hit repeat the moment it’s over. The rumble in the low notes of the vocals are positively guttural, the growl, the enunciation, the few seconds of screamer style vocals, this guy has it all. Christian Roche from Diamonds to Dust is the vocalist here, and his range is like nothing we’ve ever heard before.

There’s moments in the track where Strange Comfort has an oddly, almost poppy feel to it. This feels like the kind of song which would be a gateway for anyone looking to be introduced to Metalcore. We like this. We like this very much. Metalcore is a much underrated genre which, until at a certain level, struggles to create particularly large audiences. The fact that Strange Comfort is a wonderful example of Metalcore, whilst also bringing in elements of other genres is something that will stand the band in very good stead to raise their profile swiftly.

This really is an excellent example of this style of music. With some Judas priest style drumming, moments of Linkin Park and a very well placed and clicky bass, Strange Comfort is an instant hit.

Strange Comfort maintains your interest easily with lots of different sections, different styles of vocals and some masterful musicianship from all members of the band. Did we mention we like this?!!

Strange Comfort is a well mixed, well mastered, well composed and well performed track. Our only thought on production would be a small notch boost around 130Hz to add a little extra clarity in that area, but otherwise, just superb, and of course, this suggestion is to our own taste.

Burn Like Stars have a very bright future ahead of them. This is high quality musicianship and great songwriting. We love it!