Callipolis – Twilight Snow

Beautiful, unique, classy and really interesting; Callipolis new single, Twilight Snow is a masterclass in genre bending.
With a musical theatre feel to the vocals at the start of the song, somehow they effortlessly meld into an almost metallic rock voice, just when its needed, and then back into that creamy Michael Ball style vocals just as the goosebumps on the back of my neck let me know that they were here for the duration of the song.

I can see the Queen influence in the guitar solo. This is quality, interesting music that gripped me for several listens. The rise and fall, the anthemic moments, the clear classical training in the voice all blend seamlessly together to produce a song which defies genres.

If I had to change on thing, the production feels to me as though it has been mastered as if it were a dance track. The very heavy compression just took my enjoyment away slightly. It felt as though it removed some subtleties that needed more room to breathe.

That said, this really is a stunning piece of work and I can’t wait to hear more from this artist.

Callipolis – Twilight Snow is available on February 11 on all the usual platforms. I urge you to pre-save this track.

We give this song 4 ears out of 5