Cameron Alexander – Amelia

Nashville based, Cameron Alexander plays everything on his latest track, Amelia. A song is about being infatuated with a girl that loves the chase, and you’re along for the ride. Well, we here at the Send Me Your Ears studio are more than happy to be along for the ride with this incredibly talented vocalist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

Reminiscent of Dookie Era Green Day or Blink 182, Amelia is a powerful burst of Skater rock energy that we’ve all fallen in love with!

The telephone effect at the start of the song caused by high passing around 200 and low passing around 5kHz is a great way to lead the listener in to the full rock band song. It builds excitement and works superbly.

The lead vocals are strong and very suitable for this genre of music. Backing vocals are supremely well placed and well executed, reminding us in places of Reel Big Fish.

The separation of instruments in the mix is really well done, with every instrument being given plenty of space. The bass is powerful and positively thunderous!

There’s some really great use of silences to build tension and some awesome fills on the drums. We particularly like the triplet fill whilst the vocalist shouts “one more time”. It shows a great sense of humour from the artist and also helps give the track a kind of live feel.

The guitars are well controlled with some great stabs, occasionally panned and filling the sound perfectly. Lots and lots of different sections to this song help to easily maintain the listeners interest.

This is an extremely well mixed, well performed, well written and well mastered track. To our own taste we’d suggest considering a tiny but wide cut centered around 1kHz and a tiny but wide boost centred around 6kHz to balance the presence and just a slight honkiness in the guitar track. A cut in the guitars in the low mids may give the vocals a touch more sonic space, and a high pass at 40 will remove some rumble that home hi-fi can’t handle. These are just some minute suggestions to take this track from excellent to world class.

Cameron Alexander is one hell of a talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. This skater rock gem, Amelia, is easily our find of the day and we hope to hear lots more from this Nashville based star-in-waiting.