German solo artist, Cedric Saga has just released his latest single, Call My Name, and we’ve been taking a listen here today at the Send Me Your Ears studio.

Call My Name is a simple indie folk love song. It has simple and minimal instrumentation with no percussion in it, and it is most definitely a sweet, well written song. Saga mentions that the song was written at a wedding, to be performed for the bride and groom and we can imagine that hearing this song for the first time must have been quite the honour for the happy couple.

There’s some glorious layered vocals in Call My Name. Saga manages to combine some wonderful harmonies both above and below the lead line, leading to an almost chorus-like effect of extra voices.

The guitar in the track has a comfortable indie folk feel to it, and with the occasional piano incidental, Call My Name drifts along happily in a calming and relaxing way.

Saga’s lead vocals are beautiful and warm on this track with some superb technique. We were all particularly impressed with the control and warmth in his very latest note. It was held well and with some spectacular vibrato. Great job!

The middle 8 is a nice touch, and a nice change up. We feel that Call My Name is a great song to pitch for TV or film sync. It’s a little too long for commercial air play (they’re super-fussy about track lengths – especially anything over 4 minutes), but it could well find it’s niche in sync or in internet or folk radio stations.

Call My Name is a really well written and well performed song. We personally feel that the production on this track is diverting attention from the beauty of the performance and the writing. In our opinion, there are several key spots in the master that could use some attention. We’ve made a few quick adjustments here at the studio. To our own personal taste perhaps, but we’d really love the opportunity to show Cedric what we can do beyond simply reviewing this track. We wouldn’t normally suggest getting involved ourselves but we feel this track has so much potential.

Call My Name is a charming indie-folk love song that will warm the hearts of anyone who listens. Cedric Saga has great potential to make a real name for himself on the European folk scene and we’re looking forward to hearing of his progress.