CHARLOTTE HALL is set to release a new song, Telepathy. This is a strong indie pop/rock track that grabs your attention right from the start with some sublime acoustic guitar sounds that come in just in the left hand side, together with some exciting synth strings.
The doubled vocals are a nice effect and give the song a kind of 80s feel. The voice reminded me a little of Kim Wilde.
Telepathy is a song with an important message about bullying and controlling friendships. Its about broken trust and encourages the listener to strive for a happier time.
The drums on this track are just superb. The kick comes through really nicely and thumps you in the chest. The toms fills are first class. Perfect 80s stuff!

There’s a simple but effective guitar solo in this song that has an authentic 80s ballad tone to it. Good choice of sounds here.
I like how there’s a strummed acoustic guitar, panned to the right that comes in later in the song and maintains interest. I also really like how the song returns to the picked acoustic guitar at the end, as if its gone full circle and said all it needs to say.

From my own production perspective, I’d look at more compression or volume automation on the lead vocals to bring them further forward into the mix. Don’t be afraid to use two compressors in your vocal chain. I think this would really make the voice pop more. A boost at the top end of the vocals would add just a little more life and presence too. I’d use Kim Wilde’s “Kids In America” as a reference track on this.

Telepathy is a great great song. I really enjoyed listening to it. The message, the 80s feel all work fantastically well and I have no doubt we’ll be hearing more from Charlotte Hall in the future.

We give this track four ears out of five.