Here at the Send Me Your Ears studio today, we’ve been listening to the latest single from Toronto (Canada) artist, Chris Caulfield. The single, Porchlight, is released today, March 3 2023.

Porchlight is a song about finding your way back to someone and the concept of knowing you belong together, even if you drift apart for a time. The concept of leaving the porchlight on symbolises the door being open and wanting your partner to come back.

Porchlight begins with some downstrums on electric guitar with synth-like sounds and a distant voice that then comes into the foreground for the first verse. As the song develops, the electronic drumbeat becomes busier and carries the song forward.

As with many modern alt/commercial pop, the vocals here are heavily effected with layered harmonies bolstering the sound. There is a section of vocals where the voice is almost rap-like, delivering some fast lyrics which spill effortlessly from Caulfield. These lead into a superb moment where he displays a versatility in his vocals we’re looking forward to hearing more of. At about 3 minutes into the song, Caulfied pulls out a line that any 80s or 90s rock or metal vocalist would be proud of.

We’d recommend Chris contact college radio in Canada for airplay of this track. We note that he’s already played on Cashbox Radio, but would strongly recommend reaching out to other college radio in the Toronto area (perhaps with a radio edit for language content?).

Ideas from our ears

We felt the vocal track is a little heavy around 200Hz and it also sounds like there is a resonance around 780Hz so a careful surgical cut here may help the vocals to fit a little better. As always, these are just some ideas from our ears.

Final thoughts

Chris Caulfield is an ambitious up-and-coming performer from the Greater Toronto area. Porchlight is a heartfelt modern commercial pop song that reflects on the importance of finding your way back to the important people in your life.