Send Me Your Ears favourite, Chucky Trading Co, is back with another fantastic single! Grace is the fifth single from his current album, and it is yet another winner! We were thrilled to take a listen today.

Grace immediately catches your attention with a Spanish style intro, leading into a gorgeous swinging bassline. Even before the vocals join the mix, you are transported to a peaceful villa in Spain, sipping margaritas and enjoying the calming voice of CS Taber – a voice we’ve come to know and love over the past few months.

There is some beautiful mandolin (?) playing in Grace. It sits and makes its presence known without dominating, and then later into the track it launches into the most wonderfully crafted solo.

We loved the layered background vocals in the choruses and the development that the extra drums, additional instrumentation and glorious harmonies bring to the track.

By the time the second chorus comes around, we challenge you not to be singing along. CS Taber’s vocals sit warmly and clearly in the mix.

The addition of a Spanish feeling section of instrumentation at the end of each chorus, and at the end of the track was positively inspired. The stereo and changes in instrumentation throughout this track meant that it easily maintained our interest for several listens. By the time the subtle, distant, driven electric guitar comes in to take you to the end, you will have fallen in love with the sound of Chucky Trading Co. if you haven’t already!

Already a brilliant masterclass in production and mixing, here are a few things to try. A boost around 125Hz to bring out some extra warmth in the bass guitar. A cut around 350-400Hz would reduce the occasional muddy tone in the vocal line (barely noticeable if at all). A small high shelf boost across the top 3 octaves for a little extra brightness but careful not to boost the sibilance too much. Maybe factor in a small dip back down around 8kHz. These are (as always) just to our ears as the song is already an absolute belter!

Easily one of our favourite artists, Chucky Trading Co (songwriter CS Taber and producer Everett Young) are establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the Americana scene. Wonderful as always.