chucky trading co – psychopath cool

We’re always excited to see Chucky Trading Co hit the top of our reviews pile. Psychopath Cool is the latest from this super-talented and versatile Manhattan artist and we were just itching to get our ears around it.

Within seconds of Psychopath Cool starting, we all said “oh yeah!” … almost in unison. The song starts with absolutely gorgeous mediaeval feeling guitars with some beautiful reverbs on. Just as we were melting into this, there’s the most divine cello solo that makes the track sound a little celtic.

After just shy of a minute of this beautiful instrumental, the full band sound kicks in with drums and a fiddle solo to die for.

This is fantastic genre crossing music, that effortlessly combines influences from bluegrass, country rock, folk and celtic music.

The fiddle is spectacularly well played and fills the gaps between vocal lines perfectly. There’s some piano fills that sit beautifully too, and we think we caught a slight glimpse of a hammond in the distance. At one point in the track, there’s a brief country rock style piano solo, interjected with some more beautiful fiddle playing.

Throughout the song, we were all trying to put our finger on who this track sounds like. Eventually we realised – this sounds like Chucky Trading Co!! We’ve heard several of his tracks before and his music absolutely sticks with you. It is characterful, warm, well written, well produced and beautifully performed.

From a production perspective, yet another work of art. We wait for the day when Chucky Trading Co will send us something that isn’t spectacular, but we’re pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Perhaps a tiny boost of the top octave will help the ride cymbal shimmer a little more, perhaps a little dip in the vocal track around 800Hz, but honestly, this is wonderfully produced and an absolute delight to listen to.

We strongly strongly urge you to add Chucky Trading Co to your spotify playlist. You will not be disappointed. Psychopath Cool is yet another glorious track from someone who is fast becoming one of our favourite artists.