CHUCKY TRADING CO – Tonight We Will Live Forever

CHUCKY TRADING CO released a new song on Valentine’s day, Tonight We Will Live Forever. This is a straight up love song about the start of what looks to be a wonderful relationship.

The song starts on just solo strummed acoustic guitar which I have to say is recorded very well and crystal clear. Slowly a bass, strings and drums come in and you have yourself a full band 6/8 singer-songwriter style folk song.

The strings, particularly, are very subtle and well placed. They sit comfortably in their own space and aren’t competing for your attention, they just add to the overall mix.
When the harmonies come in for the second verse, we were blown away. Beautiful, just beautiful. They really add to the song without taking any attention away from the lead vocal.

Lead vocals in a few places reminded me of Michael Ball – which is kind of odd in a way to have a musical theatre voice in a folk song but it works! It also adds a great uniqueness to the sound and draws you right in.
Speaking of being drawn in… the repeated title “Tonight We Will Live Forever” makes the listener feel safe and comfortable and helps to make you feel invested in the song.

This is a really very well mixed song. Nothing is competing for attention and all the instruments have their own space. From my own perspective, I’d give the overall mix a little boost around 100 to give more warmth to the kick drum. I’d also suggest a wide boost in high mids-highs to bring out a lot of the extra sounds (eg. snare wires and clicking on guitar pick) as well as adding some overall life to the song.

This really is a beautiful, simple singer-songwriter track which just washes over you and made all of us here at Send Me Your Ears smile!

We give this song 4 ears out of 5