CHURCH MICE – Batchawana

Church Mice say in their biography that their music needs to be turned up to 11. We agree.

Their latest single, Batchawana, is a Classic Rock/ Rhythm and Blues work of art.

I’m particularly drawn in to the quality of the vocals, the drive on the vocal track sits nicely, makes sure the voice cuts through in the mix and makes me think of a slightly superior version of Black Crowes!

This grabbed my attention immediately with stereo guitars and a Clash sounding bass. The drums are popping and powerful without being dominant. They made me think of Ticket to Ride by the Beatles.

I am always a sucker for a good horn section and Batchawana most certainly has this area covered.
I’m particularly drawn in to how the song maintains interest throughout by having several different sections, all of which are married together seamlessly. The Floyd-like harmonies in the breakdown at around 2m30s are powerful, well executed and sit very comfortably without dominating.

The band cite the death of Chris Cornell as a major influence on them and a not-so-gentle nudge to pursue their music more serious. Guys; he’d be proud of you. This is a stunning and shining example of what you can do when you set goals and put your mind to things.

A great upbeat song that is spectacularly well mixed and mastered that checks every single box for our team.

Without doubt; five ears out of five. Please lets hear more from this intriguing Detroit based five piece band.