I Found You is yet another quality song from one of our favourites, Church Mice. We’ve become used to a certain level of quality musicianship and production from Church Mice with this being the third song of theirs that we’ve reviewed and I Found You has most certainly not disappointed.

A love song, this time. I Found You is a gentle 6/8 ballad that just washes over you.

I Found You grabs your attention immediately with a gorgeous drum fill into some really dreamy sounding guitar work. The song drops down momentarily before the vocals come in and this gives them more impact when they do burst on to the track. Christian’s voice is, as always, smooth, clear and confident.

As we’ve come to expect from Church Mice, the song develops nicely; an added picked guitar in the second verse maintains interest and forces you to pay attention to the superb production. This isn’t background stuff. This isn’t put-this-on-and-talk-over-it music. This is intelligent, classy Indie soft rock.

I’m very taken indeed with the Jeff Porcaro shuffle (Toto) style drums. Expertly played and a perfect choice of style for this song. They help to maintain the interest in the song.

I am always a sucker for a good horn section and I Found You ticks all the boxes there. I think I’m hearing tenor sax and trombone, but I could be wrong. Either way, the horns add to the overall euphoric feeling and serve to swell the song as it builds and builds into…

…just the lead vocal, almost acapella. Brave stuff here, but the lead vocals carry this effortlessly.

Its possible that the vocals are just a touch dominant on this one. Perhaps that was intentional, but it kinda feels as though we’re just waiting for the next line whenever the vocals are not happening. The instrumental section is a nice touch at about 1m but I wonder if more of a lead solo instrument would have given just a little more power to the message of the song.

I really love Church Mice. I absolutely wish them all the best. This is yet another fantastic song from them and we’ve hit a home run. 3 top class songs from them so far. Keep ‘em coming!