Church Mice – Rain Parade

Church Mice sent us some music for review recently and we were so blown away that we were thrilled to receive another track from them. Rain Parade is yet another absolute blinder.

I think we’ve found a new favourite band here at Send Me Your Ears.

The song starts with an awesome, cool stereo synth sweep and merges effortlessly into extremely well recorded acoustic guitar. (Played twice and panned left and right?)

Rain Parade has great development throughout and easily maintained our interest. The harmony vocals after the first guitar solo on this one are particularly well done.

Both guitar solos are simple, yet effective with a good choice of notes and spot on choice of tone. The arpeggiated guitar solo towards the end of the song is exceptional and keeps the song driving forward.

I’m really drawn by the superior drum fills in this song! The drums are clearly hit hard, but sit well in the track and don’t dominate. They have a great “room” sound. So often we hear drums that are far too heavy in the mix. Church Mice’s drummer knows his place in the band (this is rare – keep this guy!!) and throws in the occasional elaborate fill just in case you’d forgotten how he’s the guy pushing the whole song forward!

I really like the change of pace at around 3m40s. Classy work on the toms and an interesting fuzz effect on the guitar. You guys sure know how to keep us on our toes!

A little more gentle than the previous track, Batchawana, that we were sent by Church Mice.

A more Del Amitri feel to the vocals almost. Either way. Equally as good as the previous track and now having heard a couple of songs from this Detroit based band, we’re taken aback by their versatility. This is no one trick pony!

Well written, well produced, well performed, well mixed well mastered. You ticked all the boxes again, Church Mice.

We give you another 5 ears out of 5.